2018 Competition Finalists

All finalists will compete live at the Competition Finals, Sunday, April 22, 2018 at the Crowden Music Center, Berkeley, from 10:00am - 7:00pm

Please read this page carefully and in its entirety for instructions, frequently asked questions and a detailed schedule for the Finals.

2018 Instrumental Finalists

  • Ava Pakiam
  • Rubi Lee
  • Angeline Kiang
  • Shannon Ma
  • Elliot Kim
  • Eunseo Oh
  • Grace Huh
  • Roger Xia
  • Joseph Wong
  • Natalie Lin
  • Rena Wang
  • Sean Lee
  • Ellie Kanayama

2018 Piano Finalists

  • Katie Koh
  • Nathaniel Zhang
  • Brian Lin
  • Cecelia Zhou
  • Sarah Yuan
  • Yejin Song
  • Ryan Sheng
  • Rin Homma
  • Zak Mustille
  • Roger Xia
  • Zhouran Tao
  • Kevin Yang
  • Karina Tseng
  • Fontanna Yee

2018 Vocal Finalists

  • Stephanie Chee
  • Jared Werlein
  • Eton Shon
  • Camille Sherman
  • Meagan Rao

Winners will be announced following judges' deliberations at the conclusion of each category.

All students are invited to the
First Place Winners Concert
Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 7:00 pm
San Francisco War Memorial, Green Room
401 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

All students who reach the Finals stage of the Pacific Musical Society and Foundation Competition must:

  1. Sign and return the consent form included in this document by mail within one week of notification to the address below:
    Pacific Musical Society & Foundation
    2018 Competition
    1459 18th Street, Suite 146
    San Francisco, CA 94107
  2. Send via email a short biography and an appropriate performer photo in high resolution (JPG, PNG or TIF, 300 dpi minimum, 400 dpi preferred) to the following email address immediately after being notified of being a finalist: info@pacificmusical.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Can a selection be an excerpt or partial work?
    A: Each selection must be a complete movement or complete work in itself. 

  • Q: Must all works be memorized?
    A: Yes, all works must be memorized and performed from memory in the finals. 

  • Q: For accompanied works, must they be performed with accompaniment?
    A: Yes, all accompanied works must be played as such in the finals.

  • Q: Do first place winners have to be performing at the Winners Concert?
    A: If a first place winner cannot perform at the Winners Concert, May 16, 2018, he or she will forfeit their prize and award.

  • Q: Does the child or the jury decide which pieces to play?
    A: The student will decide the first selection; the jury might select a second piece from the four pieces submitted for the preliminary round. The student must be ready to play any of the four preliminary pieces.

  • Q: How long will each performer play?
    A: For instruments and piano it depends on the age group: 8-10 years old and 11-13 will play 8 minutes, 14-17 years old will play 14 minutes, 18-21 will play 24 minutes, all vocalists are expected to perform 24 minutes. 

For any other questions about the competition, please email us at info@pacificmusical.com

Schedule for the Competition Finals on April, 22

Instr. 1 Ava Pakiam 10:00
  Rubi Lee 10:15
Instr. 2 Angeline Kiang 10:35
  Shannon Ma 10:50
  Elliot Kim  11:05
  Eunseo Oh  11.20
Instr. 3 Grace Huh 11:40
  Roger Xia 11:55
  Joseph Wong 12:10
  Natalie Lin 12:25
  Rena Wang 12:40
  Sean Lee 12:55
Instr. 4 Ellie Kanayama 1:10
Piano 1  Katie Koh 1:30
  Nathaniel Zhang  1:45
  Brian Lin 2:00
  Cecelia Zhou 2:15
Piano 2 Sarah Yuan 2:35
  Yejin Song 2:50
  Ryan Sheng 3:05
  Rin Homma 3:20
Piano 3 Zak Mustille 3:40
  Roger Xia 3:55
  Zhouan Tao 4:10
  Kevin Yang 4:25
  Karina Tseng 4:40
Piano 4 Fontanna Yee 5:00
Vocal 1 Stephanie Chee 5:25
Vocal 2 Jared Werlein 5:40
  Eton Shon 5:55
Vocal 3 Camille Sherman 6:15
  Meagan Rao 6:35
Event end by 7:00